What's Crackin' ?

Yo! Name's Jazz! I'm Optimus Prime's First Lieutenant. At least, I was. Yah know, that fight with Megatron really wasn't somethin' I predicted, but I'm back now. Mess with the crew, and y'all are gonna have to deal with me. But, don't worry 'bout that. It's good to be back. So, how's it hangin'?

Independent RP blog for slightly AU Tyran Jazz
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I’m saying it lightly, Jazz. I don’t plan on allowing that to happen. But don’t do anything reckless. ;huffs;

The younger mechs may not realize what we do. But they will. That’s part of being on this side, I suppose. If Sunstreaker is acting strangely, he’ll hopefully come around on his own. I wouldn’t take it to spark. ;finishes up his repairs and leans back to take final scans;

Aiight, aiight. I gotcha. I can dig that.

*nods* It’s all good, Ratch. I ain’t mad about anythin’ like that. I feel just fine with how they be reactin’, and Sunshine’s reaction was expected from me, so it’s all good, ya’mean? *slides visor up and rubs his dark optics.* M’really tired, Ratch…I been so damn tired lately, I just recharge all the time.