What's Crackin' ?

Yo! Name's Jazz! I'm Optimus Prime's First Lieutenant. At least, I was. Yah know, that fight with Megatron really wasn't somethin' I predicted, but I'm back now. Mess with the crew, and y'all are gonna have to deal with me. But, don't worry 'bout that. It's good to be back. So, how's it hangin'?

Independent RP blog for slightly AU Tyran Jazz
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Yeah yeah, I know. Jolt did great. I even got him more medical supplies, since we were runnin’ kinda low on that scrap. I had to…call someone fer a favor, but he gave us what we needed. *smiles a little* Yeah, I know yah pretty well. No worries.

In my spark, I’m an Autobot. I picked this side, and I know this is my home. But, I don’t got an Autobot-made spark. *taps his chassis* M’a sparked Decepticon. S’why Sunshine don’t really stick near me anymore. Let my temper show sometimes. 

I’m proud of him. I know he gets nervous when I’m not around to correct him on his mistakes, but he’s making less and less of them. ;low chortle; If I were ever snuffed in the near future, I’d be put at ease knowing he was the one taking care of all of you.

;pauses in his repairs, optics glancing across Jazz’s visor silently for a few moments;

That’s news to me. Though, I fail to see how your origins are an issue. I don’t care how or where or why you were sparked, what you were “meant” to be according to that, because you’re here now and there should be no question as to how you came to be with us. You’re a great leader, a loyal soldier, and a friend to all of us, Jazz. If this is what Sideswipe meant the fuss was all about, then I find it rather misleading. You’re still Jazz. Primus, what if I were sparked as some synthetic space primate? Would I be any less your medical officer? ;snorts;

I guess that is to say that it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter. You are Jazz, and as far as I’m concerned, you were sparked Autobot because that’s what you are.

Don’t say that, Ratch, man. We still need yah around just like we need him around. Yer not goin’ anywhere fer a long time, and that’s an order from me. I saved yer ass once, I’ll do it again. 

*flashes visor in mild surprise.* I dunno, it hit them kids a lot harder than the older bots. Blaster’s the only one that really knows beyond the simple statement. Other than that, it ain’t too important. I know I’m an Autobot, even if I wasn’t sparked one. *smiles a little and nods more so.* 

And this is why I’m on this side. I see it the same way. I guess it just threw the youngin’s off, ya’mean?