What's Crackin' ?

Yo! Name's Jazz! I'm Optimus Prime's First Lieutenant. At least, I was. Yah know, that fight with Megatron really wasn't somethin' I predicted, but I'm back now. Mess with the crew, and y'all are gonna have to deal with me. But, don't worry 'bout that. It's good to be back. So, how's it hangin'?

Independent RP blog for slightly AU Tyran Jazz
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A lot of that is… unsettling.

;gears tense up slightly again, but he’s working on minor repair work where it’s needed to distract him; I think the most disturbing is the last bit. Not the part about Blaster, obviously. ;huffs; I’m glad to see you’re still alright. We need you, Jazz.

What do you mean, not all Autobot, though?

*just grins and waits for his little doctor visit to be over and done with. Patient bot.* It ain’t disturbin’. I wasn’t really all that scared anyway. Ironhide really helped me out and saved my aft when I needed it. Mech knows how to help me. And, I’m all welded back up thanks t’Jolt. Don’t worry ‘bout me. *flashes visor*

…Well, yah know. I uh…I ain’t really an Autobot.